At RE, we believe that everything old is REnew again.  We carefully source and create each of our items to help you REnovate a bit of soul into your everyday life. In a culture of immediacy, disposable goods and technology, our philosophy is to make sure that we stay grounded in our REdesign focus by REclaiming what we can to REfine and REStore each item to give it a new lease on life. We strive to help you capture your unique personality and vision while maintaining our commitment to environmental stewardship. We REdiscover and REfinish the hidden beauty long lost in times past, and bring it to the forefront in each of our original pieces and rustic heirlooms.

2017 Show Dates:

March 11/12-Thornbury Antiques Show

April 22/23-Elora Antiques and Vintage Show

May 27-Christie's Antiques and Vintage Show

July 30-Orillia Midsummer Nights

August 12/13-Odessa Antiques Show

September 9-Christie's Fall Show

October-Niagara Craft Beer, Food Trucks and Antiques!


REclaim        REfine          REstore

Refurbish     REnovate      REdesign  REpair         Refinish         REnew

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